Unimog U4000 » Dakar U685

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Unimog U4000 » Dakar U685

Mercedes have been manufacturing the multi-purpose Unimog medium truck family since the 1940s. They form the basis for military jeeps, fire engines or agricultural vehicles, and several companies specialize in converting them into motor homes. The Dakar model U685 has 5 cm thick walls, an interior height of 195cm and a 7.6 m2 living area. Home comforts include a 300 litre water tank (and a 200 litre waste water tank), a 10 litre boiler, a built-in cooker, a 110 litre refrigerator and an onboard toilet.

The energy requirements of the unit are covered by its 290 litre diesel tank, supplemented by solar panels. All this will set you back 250000 Euros.