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Miklós Jancsó DLA, Dóra Máthé

Krisztina Bessenyei (contemporary experimental dwellings, extraordinary dwellings, vernacular dwellings)
Zsófia Dankó DLA (extraordinary dwellings)
Tibor Kecskés DLA (20th-century dwellings)
Péter Rabb PhD (vernacular dwellings)
Eszter Vágvölgyi (vernacular dwellings)

Csaba Masznyik (extraordinary dwellings, vernacular dwellings, contemporary experimental dwellings)
Eszter Götz (20th-century dwellings)

Máthé Dóra

Zsarnóczay Péter

We want to thank the teachers and students of the elective subjects The Analysis of Dwellings and Housing Construction from 1900 to the Present Day between 2014 and 2018, including Csaba Masznyik in the first place. Our semesters held together with him (20th Century Residences, 21st Century Residences, Organic and Expressive Residences, Residential Structures, Contemporary Classicism) provided the basis and encouragement for writing the chapter of the 20th-century dwellings.

The first three chapters of the Habitatio study materials have been published in 2013, supported by the European Union, co-financed by the European Social Fund.
The chapter of the 20th-century dwellings has been supported by the Lechner Knowledge Center in 2020.

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