Cité à Docks

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Cité à Docks

Northern Europe’s fifth-largest port, Le Havre, handles 2.2 million containers per year, which rather puts into perspective the real scale of these 100 student bedrooms, made of 40 foot (12.03 x 2.35 x 2.69 m) shipping containers. The neighbouring lot is piled with hundreds of containers, there are 4-5 story high stacks of containers on the opposite bank of the canal… the idea must have spoken for itself. Fortunately, the building is not composed simply of blocks piled next to each other but forms a much looser system. A steel framework was constructed with rubber buffering, onto which were placed the one-person, 24m² living quarters, each with a bathroom and kitchen. These are housed in renovated modular containers, with sound and thermal insulation and with a glass wall at each end, many with balconies.