S 25

Sometime at the end of the 1920s Wally Byam’s wife decided that, missing her kitchen, she was unwilling to go camping any more, Wally set to work making trailers. Since the 1930s his firm has been making the iconic Airstream trailers, designed by Hawley Bowlus and available in several sizes (from 4.9-9.4 metres long). 280 work hours go into making one caravan. Today almost a thousand are produced per year and almost 70% of all Airstreams produced are still in use.

These travel trailers are everywhere: on Hollywood film sets as props or dressing rooms, in use by NASA or serving as a mobile office for the US president. American troops even took Airstreams with them when they were testing atomic bombs in the Nevada desert in the 1950s. Of course normal folk also stay and live in them, and there are several trailer parks in the US devoted solely for the use of Airstreams.