Ryue Nishizawa – House A

E 24
Ryue Nishizawa – House A

Transparency, openness and a harmonious relationship to the surrounding environment are all hallmarks of the SANAA architectural partnership. Nishizawa applies these qualities to this building, as according to his philosophy life in the city ought not to be conceived in terms of functions divided between separate rooms in an age when social media have redefined the concept of private life. 

This building is a series of cubes of varying sizes, in which the purposes of the rooms are left undefined, and it is up to the resident to decide which space she will use for what, and when. The white walls, curtains and concrete floor of the house act as a backdrop to the personal belongings and appliances of the owner, and to the plants scattered everywhere. 

The huge windows and the open courtyard lend openness to the house, where personal space has almost been abolished. This openness and flexibility are the architect’s response to the uncertain future of city life.